GitLab vs. GitHub: What’s the Right Version Control System for Your Workflow?

Choosing tools when you’re working on your own is fairly simple, but if you’re collaborating with other team members or managing multiple development projects, it’s crucial to find tools that everyone can easily work with. In a group setting, a Version Control System, or VCS, isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Knowing who is deploying code, exactly what changes they’re making - and having the ability to prevent a bug from being deployed to a live product can make or break a project. Git is by far the most popular version control system for coding - and in the post below we share Git basics, and take a close look and two of the most popular options on the market today - GitLab and GitHub.

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Using Custom Containers in DeployBot

When it comes to using containers in DeployBot, you’ve got a few options.

You can create a brand new container, use our existing DeployBot containers and based on that create your own container, or go in the Docker registry to find the container which suits best to your needs.

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GitHub vs. Bitbucket

In this post we look at the differences between GitHub and Bitbucket, two very popular web-based hosting version control services.

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Front End Deployment of a React App

No too long ago, frontend work was pretty straightforward. The backend team took templates that were converted from PSD to HTML/CSS and added them into deployment. But everything changed when JS and the frontend frameworks came into the picture. Now that you can easily create apps using JS, you need to have a deployment process for that as well.

This post focuses on creating a simple ReactJS application with real-time deployment and shows how a simple but very effective workflow would look like.

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Best Practices for Using Build Containers

Deploying advanced applications frequently requires different programing languages to achieve the desired goals. Having the ability to build, compile and minify code with a single click is like a tool made in heaven.

DeployBot offers such a possibility with Build commands.

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