How to Configure a Custom Server Through FTP with DeployBot

Connecting a repository using a custom FTP can be handy for those who don't use Digital Ocean or Heroku. If you use a different hosting platform or use your own servers due to security and privacy issues, DeployBot has you covered.

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Using Build Tools to Deploy

Build Tools are a great feature of DeployBot. It allows you to compile, compress and minimize your code, build executable files, and run tests on your code, among other things. Just provide us with a script or single command to run, and DeployBot executes it on our servers, inside a protected container.

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How to Deploy Laravel Projects on Heroku with DeployBot

Laravel is one of the most used PHP frameworks available and according to Redmonk, is the “stand out leader”. So it comes as no surprise that there are many developers looking to improve and optimize their workflow.

Heroku is one of the chosen tools to which freelancers and novice developers turn. A PaaS (Platform as a Service) for developers to “build, deliver, monitor, and scale apps,” it’s offered as a freemium model. Hence the strong appeal for those on a tight budget.

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Automatic Multi-Site Deployments with DeployBot

Working on big projects usually means deploying the same code to several servers. That can be anywhere from two to ten, or even a hundred servers around the world. Doing multi-site deployments manually requires a lot of tools and a ton of effort to get things working. DeployBot is so helpful because it has all these features set up and ready to go. It lets you connect your repository to your DeployBot account and all the servers to that repository. Whenever you need to make mass deployments, DeployBot deploys everything simultaneously and executes any required scripts on all servers by itself. You can also specify commands and choose when they should be executed - before or after deployments.

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How DeployBot Makes It Easy to Rollback a Deployment

You burned the midnight oil making sure your new code was just right. Of course, you tested it and everything worked fine. But something happened along the way and your new deployment broke your site. It’s rollback time.

Fear not, DeployBot users! You can rollback to a stable version in as little as 5 to 10 seconds. Here’s how.

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