Easier Than Ever: Deploying WordPress With DeployBot

Deploying WordPress With DeployBot

You’ve been asking for easier WordPress deployment, and we’ve heard your cries. We get it - today, WordPress has a 50-60% share of the global CMS market and deploying your WordPress project should be just as simple as deploying to any other platform.

Deploying code to WordPress has always been possible through DeployBot, but we’ve streamlined the process to provide maximum efficiency, ensure a zero-delay deployment, and simplify the entire setup process.

Why WordPress Deployment?

Today, there are almost 20 million websites using WordPress. Its flexibility and simplicity make it the perfect platform for developing a wide variety of software projects. Launching a WordPress site however, requires some initial setup that can be confusing to new users or cause delay for those who want to deploy their project quickly.

DeployBot simplifies this process by not only transferring WordPress files, but by also launching and installing several scripts to automate the setup of the WordPress environment.

In our guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know to make deploying your WordPress project easier than it has ever been before.