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Push. Build. Deploy!

Instantly build and ship code anywhere in one consistent process for your entire team.

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Start deployment

Manual or automatic. Trigger a deployment whenever you’re ready or deploy on every push to a branch.

Multiple environments. Each deployment environment (like Production and Staging) can ship code from different branches to one or many servers simultaneously.

Build code. Execute scripts. Beta

In many cases code can't just be deployed — it has to be built first. DeployBot lets you execute or compile any code on our servers during the deployment, using pre-defined or completely custom Docker containers. You can also run any shell scripts on your own server before, after, or during deployment.

Fetch and deploy dependencies

Compile code

Build & compress CSS, JS, and images

Deploy changes

Web applications

Atomic deployments with zero downtime


Uploads files to a server, service, or CDN


Get notified

On every deployment we will send a notification using your favorite communication channels.



Analyze how each deployment impacts performance and application stability through third-party integrations.

So many things to love

Last year for this event with multiple webapps, I spent all my time deploying. This year, thanks to @DeployBotHQ, I can code and test instead.

@CodingItWrong profile photo @CodingItWrong

Holy crap @DeployBotHQ rocks. If you're doing web development, DeployBot means you'll never have to open FTP again. So freaking awesome, I'm amazed!

@normankev141 profile photo @normankev141

I resisted version control for a long time but now that I am using it with @DeployBotHQ I am loving it.

@marcusneto profile photo @marcusneto

I love @DeployBotHQ: a minimalist deploying tool from git to your server... Stay like this, simple!

@Jice_Lavocat profile photo @Jice_Lavocat

Very impressed with so far. It's easy to setup, quick to detect git pushes, and the price is right!

@brandonsramirez profile photo @brandonsramirez

Long live @DeployBotHQ!!! What a great deployment experience! IT. JUST. WORKS.

@johanneslamers profile photo @johanneslamers