Start code deployment

Manual or automatic deployments. Trigger a deployment whenever you’re ready or deploy on every push to a branch.

Tools for multiple environments. Each deployment environment (like Production and Staging) can ship code from different branches to one or many servers simultaneously.

Build code. Execute scripts. Beta

In many cases code can't just be deployed — it has to be built first. DeployBot lets you execute or compile any code on our servers during the deployment, using pre-defined or completely custom Docker containers. You can also run any shell scripts on your own server before, after, or during deployment.

Fetch and deploy dependencies

Compile code

Build & compress CSS, JS, and images

Deploying Code Changes

Web applications

Atomic deployments with zero downtime


Uploads files to a server, service, or CDN


Get notified

On every deployment we will send a notification using your favorite communication channels.


Monitor Deployments

Analyze how each deployment impacts performance and application stability through third-party integrations.

Why You'll Love Our Deployment Tools

Are continuous deployment tools necessary?

They are - if you're deploying a lot of code, working with a team, or working on several different client sites, you want deployments that are as easy and error-free as possible.

Our deployment tools make that much easier - allowing you to deploy new code with zero downtime, and supporting quick rollbacks if a release becomes problematic.

Why is automated deployment better than what we're currently doing?

Of course, we're biased, but we believe that automated deployment tools are the future - we know you care about delivering clean code every time and so do we. Automated deployment tools take care of the things that take up a lot of time - like server configurations, manually tracking changes and uploading files, tracking down the latest release notes for details from a team member - so you can get back to doing the coding that matters to your business and your clients.

Why are we considered one of the best software deployment tools around?

Because we're built by developers, for developers. We speak your language, and we know what you need when you're looking for automated deployment tools. But you don't have to take our word for it, hear what some of our users have to say:


"All goes perfectly. You can see the exact files that you are deploying, you can rollback to any commit, or move forward if you have deployed in any other way."

Abhi N, Wordpress Developer


"I have recommended DeployBot to lots of people already. It's easy to set up and use, saves a ton of time, error messages are clear, documentation is good, support is prompt."

Megan R, Digital Agency Owner


"We are a small dev team and we don't have resources to build deploy processes by our own. with deploybot life is much easier for us. "

Daniel L, eCommerce Store Owner


"It saved my life. Deploying more than 20 WordPress websites was the most difficult task I was ordered to do. However, using Deploybot everything's gone just like a piece of cake."

Shayan F, Wordpress Developer


"Flexible, organized, easy to use and straight to the point."

Leo F, Web Developer


"I love Deploybot! Makes pushing and tracking changes on my legacy code project so much easier!"

Gary L, Digital Business Owner


"It is a good tool. It gets the job done and usually does it quickly. If something goes wrong it is easy to do a rollback. The integration with BitBucket is also really nice."

Emil K, Web Developer


"Great service, much easier than containers and bit bucket pipelines etc"

Chris G, Digital Agency Owner


"Easy to use, robust and reliable. Good value too."

Tim G, Startup Founder