Using Custom Containers in DeployBot

When it comes to using containers in DeployBot, you’ve got a few options.

You can create a brand new container, use our existing DeployBot containers and based on that create your own container, or go in the Docker registry to find the container which suits best to your needs.

DeployBot has two default Docker containers available for deployments. But if you want to use another Docker container, get the name of the container from the Docker registry and put it under the account settings, containers in DeployBot. Now it will be available for future deployments.

Using Custom Containers in DeployBot

What's nice about this feature is that you can create your own container and upload it to Docker Hub, where it will be available for use in DeployBot. The Using DeployBot with Docker: Getting Started Guide goes into more detail on what Docker is, how to create a Docker container and how DeployBot and Docker work together for smooth, fast deployments.

You can also use pre-configured containers and install all the packages that are required. If you’re deploying advanced applications, Best Practices for Using Build Containers covers what you need to know.

Why You Should Use or Create Your Own Container

Given a choice, most developers would prefer a shorter deployment time over a longer one. Containers help achieve that goal.

For example, if you’re installing a service in your container on each deployment, the deployment time increases. That’s because DeployBot has to install the same software in the same container on each deploy. But if you add your own container with pre-installed application, that can be used repeatedly without installing anything else.

How DeployBot Works With Containers

What goes on in the backstage is that when a custom container is used, DeployBot pulls that container and saves it to be reused for further deployments. So that container doesn’t have to be recreated or re-downloaded. The container is there and we just use it.

So if you want reliable deployment time and a more predictable one, it's always a good idea to create your own containers with our custom built containers or get the right one from Docker registry.

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