Best Practices for Using Build Containers

Deploying advanced applications frequently requires different programming languages to achieve the desired goals. Having the ability to build, compile and minify code with a single click is like a tool made in heaven.

DeployBot offers such a possibility with Build Commands.

Using Build Containers With DeployBot

How Build Commands Work

With DeployBot, you can use pre-defined or completely custom Docker containers.

When using containers, DeployBot will try to pull the container as rarely as possible. By saving your container just for your needs, this results in a more predictable deploy time. This means that if you update the container based on your needs, the container will be available for you with the changes you made.

In that container you can execute all types of commands against your code which normally you would execute on your server. The advantage here is that you’re not as tempted by “hotfixes.”

This feature is like having your cake and eating it too! Your code is nicely formatted and liberally commented, making it easier for team members to understand. With a well-designed optimization script, it gets turned into a form that’s ideal for machine execution.

How Build Tools Are Typically Used in DeployBot

Choose the container that’s right for you, based on your needs. Then specify the commands you want to execute against your code.

Most of the commands that you would typically execute in a Linux environment can be executed in DeployBot. This means you can execute commands from something like npm install, npm use to git clone or something like sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php, sudo apt-get install php7.1 php7.1-common and a ton more.

Use Containers for Improved Safety and Security

While a container is being executed inside the DeployBot environment, if the commands in the container fail, DeployBot will ultimately fail the deployment and will not send the data to the user's server. So when something is wrong with the code or the commands that the user executes against its code, DeployBot would not force those changes to the server. That means some mistyped configuration won’t break your server or your site.

DeployBot’s Build Commands make life easier, safer and more secure. So try DeployBot today!