New Docker Container with PHP Zip and Yarn

Exciting news: DeployBot has a new Docker container with additional and updated development software, including the PHP Zip extension and the Yarn package manager.

Until recently, our team maintained two Ubuntu Docker containers. We have now published another container with the latest Ubuntu 18.04 with long term support. It comes with updated development software as well as new tools, taking into account your wishes and feature requests.

The new container ships with PHP 7.2; we've included the PHP Zip extension that enables you to transparently read or write zip archives and their content. We’ve also added the JavaScript package manager Yarn. On top of that, there are new Node.js and NPM versions.

DeployBot and Docker make a really great team – simply select a container and define commands you would like to execute there. This is perfect for building assets, compiling your source code or making sure that your tests pass. To use a Docker container with DeployBot, select your environment and look at the Servers Configuration. Click Settings and scroll down to Compile, compress, or minimize your code to configure commands you would like to execute there.

What is Docker and how to use it? How do you create your own Docker containers? How to connect DeployBot and Docker for smooth and fast deployments? We've written a Getting Started Guide for using DeployBot with Docker.

Learn how to get started with Docker

And here is the complete list of software shipped with our new Ubuntu 18.04 LTS container:


  • Ubuntu 18.04


  • PHP 7.2.17
  • Ruby 2.6.3
  • Python 2.7.15
  • Java 8/11
  • Go 1.10.4

Development Packages:

  • Git 2.17.1
  • Subversion 1.9.7
  • Mercurial 4.5.3
  • cURL 7.58.0
  • Wget 1.19.4
  • Composer 1.8.5
  • RVM 1.29.8
  • Node.js 10.15.3
  • NPM 6.4.1
  • Yarn 1.16.0
  • Grunt 1.3.2
  • Gulp 2.2.0
  • Sass 3.7.4
  • Bower 1.8.8
  • Maven 3.6.0


  • MySQL 5.7.26
  • PostgreSQL 10.8
  • MongoDB 3.6.3
  • SQLite 2.8.17
  • Redis 4.0.9

Happy deploying!