Accelerate Your Deployments: Introducing DeployBot's Cloudflare Cache Purge Feature

At DeployBot, we're constantly looking for ways to provide you with the tools and features necessary for a smooth and efficient deployment process. Today, we're thrilled to announce a game-changing feature for developers who use Cloudflare as their content delivery network (CDN): the ability to purge cache directly from DeployBot!

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What is Cache Purging?

To understand the significance of this feature, let's quickly review cache purging and why it matters. Cloudflare, like most CDNs, stores a cached version of your website's resources (such as images, CSS, and JavaScript files) in locations around the world. This caching helps reduce load times for your users by serving these resources from the nearest server to them.

However, when you deploy updates to your website or application, you want to make sure users receive the most recent version of your resources. This is where cache purging comes into play. By purging the cache, you can clear out the old, stored files on Cloudflare's servers, ensuring that users see your latest updates immediately.

The Power of DeployBot's Cloudflare Cache Purge Feature

DeployBot's new feature seamlessly integrates cache purging directly into your deployment process. Here's how it benefits you:

Immediate Updates

With automatic cache purging, your website or application updates are reflected instantly, so your users always have access to the latest content without any manual intervention.

Enhanced Control

You can now control when and how your cache gets purged. Opt to clear the entire cache or just specific files, giving you the flexibility to manage your resources efficiently.

Simplified Workflow

Incorporating cache purging into the deployment process eliminates the need to switch between multiple platforms, streamlining your workflow and saving you valuable time.

Setting Up Cloudflare Cache Purge in DeployBot

Integrating Cloudflare with DeployBot is easy and only takes a few steps. Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Update Your DeployBot Settings

Navigate to the repository settings within your DeployBot dashboard. Under the "Integrations" section, you'll now find an option for Cloudflare. Click on this to begin setting up the feature.

Step 2: Provide Cloudflare Details

You will be prompted to enter your Cloudflare details, including your account email, API key, and the zone ID for the website you want to manage. This information allows DeployBot to communicate with Cloudflare on your behalf.

Step 3: Configure Your Cache Purging Preferences

Once your Cloudflare account is connected, you can configure your preferences. Whether you want to purge the entire cache or specify certain files, DeployBot lets you customize the process to fit your needs.

Step 4: Deploy and Purge

With your settings saved, every time you execute a deployment through DeployBot, your Cloudflare cache will be purged automatically according to your preferences. You'll receive confirmation in your deployment logs that the purge has been completed.

Here you have the full guide about it.

Best Practices for Using Cloudflare Cache Purge with DeployBot

To make the most of this feature, follow these best practices:

  • Purge by URL: If your deployment only affects certain files, use the purge by URL option to clear specific resources. This approach is more efficient and avoids unnecessarily purging your entire cache.
  • Monitor Cache Status: Keep an eye on your Cloudflare analytics dashboard to monitor the status of your cache and ensure that it is working as expected after a purge.
  • Use with Caution: Remember that purging your cache too frequently can lead to increased load times as resources need to be re-cached. Use this feature judiciously to maintain a balance between freshness and performance.

* Purge by URL might will be available in the next iteration.


DeployBot's Cloudflare Cache Purge feature is set to revolutionize the way you deploy and manage your web projects. By automating this crucial step and integrating it into the deployment process, you're equipped to ensure that your updates are reflected to users without delay, maintaining the integrity and performance of your site or application.

We're excited for you to try out this new feature and look forward to hearing how it enhances your deployment workflow. With DeployBot and Cloudflare working in tandem, a new era of deployment efficiency is at your fingertips.