Automatic Multi-Site Deployments with DeployBot

Working on big projects usually means deploying the same code to several servers. That can be anywhere from two to ten, or even a hundred servers around the world. Doing multi-site deployments manually requires a lot of tools and a ton of effort to get things working.

Besides deploying the code, you’ll also have to run several commands to ensure your code works as it should. This means spending extra time connecting to each server and fixing any server errors that occur.

There are several tools that claim to help you deploy code to several servers, but many fail to do so. We haven’t found one that offers all the other things you need on top of uploading the code, like script execution.

Multi-Site Deployment out of the Box

DeployBot is so helpful because it has all these features set up and ready to go. It lets you connect your repository to your DeployBot account and all the servers to that repository.

Whenever you need to make mass deployments, DeployBot deploys everything simultaneously and executes any required scripts on all servers by itself. You can also specify commands and choose when they should be executed - before or after deployments.

And of course, all your favorite DeployBot features are still available for multi-site deployments: manual and automatic deployments, atomic deployments, pre-build commands, pre and after deploy commands, notifications and a ton of other features. Try it yourself and see. DeployBot saves an impressive amount of time.

Find out more about setting up an account here.