5 Ways DeployBot Makes Deployment Easier

Life as a software developer isn’t easy. Never mind the flexible work hours. There’s always something to do and many coders work weekends to ensure those things get done. With that in mind, here are a few ways DeployBot can make your life a little bit easier.

5 Ways DeployBot Makes Deployment Easier

No Need to Manually Track Changes and Upload Files

Imagine if you could free up the time spent manually tracking each change and manually uploading your files. Not to mention all the errors you would avoid from having an automated process. DeployBot connects the repository with your server. So when you want to add a new feature or fix a bug, just push your code and DeployBot will take care of the rest.

Keep Everyone in the Loop with Shared Release Notes

Working alone, it’s fine to automate your process and perform a new deployment with each push. But working with a team is different. Clear lines of communication is a necessity and adding release notes helps to keep everyone in the loop.

Now the whole team can see what's going on.

Real Time Deployment Process and Notification

Here’s another great feature of DeployBot that will help every development team out there. Real-time deployment progress and notification via Slack, HipChat, or email lets everyone know how the deployment process is going. You can also use the status badge (a single line of code that updates the deployment status) to keep the project team abreast of the situation. A badge can be a useful addition to a project site or wherever developers go to see the status of their project.

5 Ways DeployBot Makes Deployment Easier

Deploy Without Accessing Servers

The ability to deploy without having to access the servers can be a Godsend, especially with larger teams. Not everyone is an expert with servers. Sometimes developers just want to focus on their code! Allowing for an automated process, where all they need to do is push their code to their repositories, helps them focus on what’s really important.

Quickly Rollback a Problematic Release

Things never go as planned. While those may be famous last words, it’s good to know that DeployBot has your back. When the day comes, and it will, that a new release fails to go as planned, DeployBot will be there to help rollback as quickly as possible to the latest stable version. Rest assured, even if something goes horribly wrong, you’re safe in the knowledge that you have a quick backup plan.

Try DeployBot today and see how it can simplify your life.