Monitor server connections in your environments

Sometimes after updating your servers’ configuration you may want to check and see if DeployBot is still able to reach them. Recently we released an update that significantly simplifies this task. If you go to your deployment environment settings page, you’ll see that all servers now show the last known connection status with a little refresh button on the side. Clicking on it will start a background connection check and show you the result once it’s finished.

Server status

Occasionally you may find yourself in a situation when one of your servers is taken out of rotation, meaning the problem is expected and will be fixed later. Pause it! Putting a server on pause will exclude it from future deployments and also leave an informative note about who paused it and when.

Paused server

Mindfully postponing problems is great for your focus and productivity. We’re trying hard to avoid making you take an immediate action unless absolutely necessary. Pausing servers is just one example of it. We recently launched a change that will create and save servers that fail our connection checks. This is great for cases when you receive an IP address from your systems administrator or hosting provider but it’s not reachable at the moment. Nevertheless, you’ll still be able to save it in DeployBot and finish setting it up when you feel like it.

I hope you’re enjoying all these little improvements we’ve been working on to boost your everyday experience with DeployBot. Stay tuned, we've got some big updates coming!