HipChat and Campfire integration

A good deployment shouldn’t be just about getting your files out to the server, but it should also communicate to your teammates and clients the reasoning behind it, the contents of what is being deployed and the "how did it go?".

We already provide a lot of tools for this purpose, such as auto-generated release notes, email notifications and Atom feeds to keep everyone informed.

Today we announce a recent addition to DeployBot’s communication capabilities: HipChat and Campfire notifications.

Many teams, especially remote, rely on these modern renditions of IRC for day-to-day communication and keeping everyone on the same page. We think they're a perfect fit for DeployBot!

HipChat and Campfire integrations

After configuring the integrations, you’ll be able to enable the notifications for each particular environment in its' settings. There you will also be able to select a room where to post the notifications.

Notify HipChat on deployment

You can also integrate with more than one HipChat or Campfire accounts at the same time, so that your different environments or repositories can use different accounts.

Integration with multiple accounts

We hope these integrations will make you more productive and make your team members more aware of what is going on. Please let us know what you think! In the meantime, we'll be working on some other exciting things.